• I'm having trouble navigating the MC5 website. What should I do?
        Browsing issues are usually caused by a faulty Internet connection, running an outdated web browser, or not having all the required plug-ins. Try the simple troubleshooting steps below!
      • Make sure you've got a steady connection
      • If you are using a weak connection port, try connecting to a stronger network. If you're browsing on a device, try switching to Wi-Fi! Make sure your network connection is functioning by checking your router settings, or network card, or verifying if your cable is correctly plugged in.

      • Make sure you've got cookies enabled
      • Cookies save a small amount of information onto your computer. This way, websites will load much faster the second time around. In order to view this website, you MUST enable cookies. Try enabling cookies in your web browser of choice, and try running the site again.

      • Clear your browser history and cache
      • Your browser stores information on your computer that helps websites run faster. However, over time these files add up and may in fact hinder your web-browsing experience. Try clearing your browser history and cache!

      • Install the latest version of your web browser
      • Check for browser updates regularly! Some browsers update automatically, but not all do. Make sure you're running the latest version.

      • Update your Java/Flash
      • Some of our websites require Java and an active Flash Player. Please make sure you've got the latest versions of Java and Flash installed!

      • Restart your computer/mobile device
      • When all else fails, restarting your computer or mobile device is always a great go-to troubleshooting solution!

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