Modern Combat 4 - Meltdown


GLLive: beber318

What is your preferred Mode & Map? Why?

I like Dog Days because it is the smallest map and we can get more kills. Paradise is one of my favorites too -- it's very beautiful, with wonderful graphics. My preferred mode is VIP because in VIP mode all the gamers have an important role in the team and it's difficult to win without them.


What would you say to all the other MC4 pros gunning for the top spot?

If you want to reach the best level you have to play smartly to win the most XP as possible in a small amount of time. To get as much XP as possible, you can aim for MC4 trophies or the challenges. Above all, never give up and do all you can.


How does it feel to overthrow SxC_JOK3R as leader of MC4?


When I bought MC4, it was only to play for fun, with my friends. It was only when I saw the leaderboard that I fixed an objective: reach the top 100. I did this and continued playing until I was ranked 10th. At this point, I realized that I could reach the top so I played a lot -- EVERY day to do this. When I finally checked the leaderboard and was ranked first, it was like a dream come true: I had reached my objective! I was really happy, but mostly surprised to have managed this. To add to it, SxC_JOK3R was first for a long time, so it seemed that he could stay at the top easily. I managed to take his place and I will try to stay first but I think we're in for a long battle to know who the leader of MC4 is.


So you're Veteran level 15 and you've reached the top of the Leaderboardâ?¦ What's next?

I will continue playing to try to stay the leader and because MC4 is a very good game, but I think I will play a little less than before.

What advice would you give to players just starting out in MC4?

Try all the modes and the weapons on MC4 to find your favorite and then keep playing just for fun or to reach the top of the leaderboard if you are brave. And please... don't throw tear gas bomb or stun grenades over at me when there isn't an enemy! :)

If you want more advice, you can ask me on Twitter: @beber318.Â


Fill in the blank: 'You know you're an MC4 fan when ________.'

I know I am an MC4 fan when I can't stop playing.



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Community Manager

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